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Condo owners located in Texas or nearby areas who would like to sell their condo for cash for any reason come to the House Buying Girls. There are no fees or commissions, no repairs or cleaning, and no hassle! Enter your information on this website and get your free no-obligation quote in minutes.

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I thought selling my house would be hectic, but I found House Buying Girls, and everything was so easy. They broke everything down during the consultation, making it easy to understand. They handled everything but kept me very well informed on the whole process, and the best part was having reliable communication. They are very professional, and I recommend them to anyone looking to sell or buy.

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Cash Condo Buyers in Texas

If you want to sell your condo fast in Texas or surrounding areas, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a high-end condominium, a small condo apartment, a medium-sized condo unit, a studio apartment, or something in between, we’ll make an offer and give you a fair cash price for your condo. No lowballing!

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For those who might be wondering “how to sell my condo,” “who will buy my condo?” or “how to sell a condo quickly,” you’re at the right place! We’re home buyers with many satisfied customers, and we’re excited to add you to that list. People from all over the Texas area have started to sell their condos quickly without a showing. Why not you?

We are House Buying Girls. We’ve helped many owners sell their condos and escape sticky situations through our fast home-buying service.

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I didn’t think selling my property was going to be this easy! I’m so glad I chose house buying girls!! They made this experience so easy! Thank you

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We Buy Condos In Texas TX In All Situations

There are a lot of reasons for wanting to sell a condo fast. Maybe you don’t like the building it’s in, you’d prefer a rental, you’ve lived there for years and want to relocate, repairs are costing too much, your goal was to flip it but haven’t found a buyer or someone to rent after months of it being listed, you don’t have the time for a valuation, or maybe you just hate your Home Owners Association (HOA).

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Avoid Paying A Special Assessment

A special assessment can be expensive and time-consuming but The Girls Condo Buyers will buy your condo as-is with no assessment necessary!

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Inherited a Condo

If you received a condo owned by a loved one but have no use for it or it has too many painful memories, you can sell it instead.

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Avoid Foreclosure

If you have liens (bank or HOA liens), are behind on mortgage payments, and are facing foreclosure, you can sell your condo, repay those debts, and keep whatever is left over.

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Too Many Repairs

Instead of paying for costly repairs demanded by a Home Owners Association, you can sell your condo as-is through our fast and easy service.

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Going through A Divorce

Divorce can be painful, but the process can be quicker and easier if you sell the condo and split the money instead of fighting over it in probate court.

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Tired Of Being A Landlord

Finding and keeping quality tenants under an HOA can be difficult, but selling your condo quickly and easily can get you paid in cash within days!

No matter what situation led to your condo being for sale, we buy condos, and yours could be next!

How Do I Sell My Condo Fast For Cash In Texas Texas?

Contact Us!

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Give us the basic information about the condo you want to sell.

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Get Your Offer!

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We’ll contact you with a no-obligation offer to consider.

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Get Paid!

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Schedule a closing date and get paid!

Unlike traditional agents, who make you wait 30, 60, or even 90 days to close, we let you transfer the title and receive the cash in as few as five days without expensive closing costs.

We Buy Condos For Cash Texas

No Repairs

We buy condos with no repairs needed! Instead of spending thousands to renovate or fix damage, you can sell your unwanted condo quickly. Repairing water, roof, or tile damage can be expensive and time-consuming, but you can avoid all that and let the House Buying Girls do the work for you!

No Agents

No real estate agents, either. We aren’t working on commission, so your condo won’t be ignored while an agent focuses on a million-dollar house somewhere. Forget all that and sell your condo fast for cash.

No Fees

Even better, there are no fees! A real estate agent might charge up to 8% or more of the final selling price but with us, you’ll receive the full amount of the offer with nothing held back. There are no hidden fees, commissions, or extra charges – just cash for your condo.

Selling Your Condo Fast In Texas

Sell Your Condo In Texas The Simple Way

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We Buy In As-Is Condition

No cleaning, repairs, expensive evaluation, appraisal, or insurance inspection is required. Sell your condo fast for cash without all the usual hassle.

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No Commissions Or Fees

Realtor commissions and fees can be as high as 6% plus an extra 2% for closing, but you won’t pay a single expense when you sell your condo through us.

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Choose Your Closing Date

You can choose the closing date. Instead of sitting around and waiting months to get paid, you can close on the day of your choice! Sell your condo fast and get paid cash in less than two weeks!

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No Need to Clean

When we say “as-is,” we mean it! You don’t have to worry about deep cleaning the condo for hours because we’ll do it for you while you enjoy the cash!

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No Repairs Are Needed

Don’t worry about paying for expensive or time-consuming repairs and getting them approved by the HOA. After the sale, we’ll handle all of them at no cost to you.

Cash Lands Buyers in Texas

Best Possible Cash Offer

We’ll never give you a lowball offer or rip you off. You might be able to sell your condo for slightly more on the open market, but after the realtors take their fees, you’ll probably end up with less than you would with us.

Cash For Condos In Texas Texas

Thanks to cash-for-condo companies like us, selling properties is quick and easy. We’ll handle all the cleaning and repairs, deal with the HOA, and get you cash for your condo. We have experience buying condos, and we can speed up the process. This is one of the most valuable resources for condo owners today.

Cash For Condos In Texas

Regardless of the circumstances, we want you to have a fast and straightforward sales process. Simply take the items you want, and leave the items that aren’t of value to use. Our team will do the rest. Sell to us fast!

The Advantage Of Selling To A Company That Buys Condos In Texas

Does this sound familiar? You’re not desperate for cash. You just want to sell your condo for cash, and you’re willing to take a little bit less cash to avoid paying realtor fees. You’re not trying to give it away, but you just want a fairly priced offer without dealing with a real estate service.

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. We will never waste your time with lowball offers. This is not a scam; we pay cash. We’ve received many positive reviews, and we want to help you sell your home at a reasonable price. All you have to do is fill out the form, and we’ll call you to communicate an offer, which you have no pressure or obligation to accept. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Areas We Buy Condos In Texas

House Buying Girls is here to help! We buy condos all over the greater Texas area, including Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and more! Whether your condo is in the heart of downtown, a nearby suburb, or even as far away as San Antonio, you can go from being a condo buyer to a home seller fast.

Selling Your Condo In Texas For Cash Common Questions

Is selling my condo for cash a smart idea?

It’s a very smart idea and you can read one of our many testimonials and professional reviews from a satisfied customer to prove it! The process is much faster and simpler than using a real estate agent, although you’ll still have to pay taxes on all that cash.

What is the fastest way to sell a condo?

The fastest and best way for condo sellers to complete a transaction quickly is to fill out the form on this website and receive an offer. With a real estate agency, your options are limited, and the average selling time is six months plus closing. With us, you can need less than two weeks to get your cash.

Do condos appreciate as fast as houses?

Condos will rise in value the same way that homes do but generally at a slower rate than a single-family home. Condo investors will still make cash off of their purchase, but not as much as a home investor would.

Are condos harder to resell?

It depends on the circumstances but they can be. Some people don’t like having a Home Owners Association or the idea of paying expensive HOA dues, which limits the number of buyers. With House Buying Girls, this problem has an easy solution.

An Easier Way to Sell Your Texas Condo

At House Buying Girls, we’re interested in paying cash for properties throughout Texas. Many websites offer “selling tips” for condos, but one of the most important is to consider selling in a cash transaction. Time and money are valuable resources, and using companies like ours can make a major difference.

If you have any questions or require more details about our terms or sales, don’t hesitate to contact our office and have an informal chat with one of our knowledgeable and trusted employees. You’ll be glad that you called us!

If you’re ready to sell a condo for cash, complete the form and start today!

Get A Cash Offer For Your Texas Property Today!

Sell your property 75% faster than with a real estate agent! We buy houses in Texas in 30 days or less! No Realtor Fess! No Repairs! No Hassles!
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